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After years of steady work as the "enfant terrible" of Modern American Literature,Jerome David Salinger suddenly declined to get published. He took his family to a small farm house in Cornish, New Hampshire...and at 90 years old and still very strong (he has been a vegetarian all his life), J.D. remains to be the most reclusive famous author who refuses to be read after the last publication of his last short (actually, very long) story HAPWORTH 16,1924 (a letter form narration of a 7 year old boy genius Seymour Glass to his family requesting for books and sharing his thoughts and experiences in a camp) SO WHAT NOW? WHAT MYSTERIES SURROUND J D SALINGER'S STRONG DENIAL OF HAVING HIS GREAT BODY OF WORKS PUBLISHED...or why did he stop writing? There are no clues until now..except a strange autobiography written by his daughter Peggy...why did he stop...and why is he not allowing any of his latter works get published? I have carefully thought out some possible reasons for this: 1. Salinger, like some writers, does not think he is what the media think he is - "genius"...and for some strings of luck that the public think he is so....he doesn't want to hit and miss anymore...and gets exposed in the process 2. He may have been living a long life...but he knows that his days as a writer is only good for two or three decades... 3. At this point, Im already tired and dont want to pretend I know were this note is going so I guess the most convenient answer is JERRY IS CRAZY 4. Religion and the roundabout experience of Salinger through and around them made his creative voice contradicts his periodic beliefs 5. The JD Salinger of the early years is much much much the Jerry from the backyard...some people really grow old...imagine Jerry using cuss words in his books at 70 or 80 6. Again, JERRY IS CRAZY 7. Holden Caulfield, yes the boy, according to Peggy disallowed her dad from writing using his voice...Jerry has been devastated ever since 8. Guys, you gotta be honest...those short stories are sooo hard to read...and yet of course, they are brilliant to the core 9. JERRY IS WRITING (and is published) under a pseudonym STEPHEN KING (hahahaha!) ...and to end this...let me say this, " Im Holden Caulfield, yah morons!!!"

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THE KING OF POP IS DEAD; MICHAEL JACKSON (August 29, 1958–June 25, 2009)

The King of Pop has just died. I am so instantly depressed...and can't do this.....................

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The City Goes To Bed...

From Laramie to a small spot in Manggahan
by Archie del Mundo
The city has just woken from an eternal nightmare
and I am trying to sleep from my own scary blaze
I can't close my eyes
the demons are dancing on the beat of my fears
They are attacking my spirit
They have just emptied my veins
They have just destroyed my sanity
And I am all alone again without a friend
I am full of blood and tears
My eyes can't be closed because they are beaten to the blues
I've just gone home from a fist of hate
A liquid of disgust, and broken bottle of intolerance
It's not only my possessions that were taken away
but my moments of pride and self-identification
I've been a victim of intolerance
I've been terrorized by countless rejections
but not until last night's horrors of hate
I am disappearing each block
I am wavering to every step back home
I've been infected of wrong desires
Now I have to stand up and pick up my dirty clothes
shoot them in to the bin
I am washing my face, practicing to make it look tough
readying my gears to fight back
collecting my thoughts and saving my strength
to rather spread compassion and understanding
and vow to the highest note...
hate is going to end and love will prevail
and acceptance
and freedom
and equality

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What's with a sixteen year old boy who almost had a life of breeze with parents and relatives who were practically throwing money at his feet, owned very expensive suitcases and rollerskates, a houndstooth sweater for goddam poop - and why do we love him so much that it almost caused us our own self-identification? What's with this Holden kid?

HOLDEN had had a dysfunctional family ever since Allie died. And he wouldnt want Phoebe's innocence to be rotten like his. He so hated how people gravitate around the material greed and tend to forget the basic desires: happiness and a goddam huge vocabulary.
I say, do you love your sister or your brother that much as much as Holden did? Can you stand in the rain just looking at your goddam sister circling around that goddam carousel? Holden did, and he didnt goddam bother catching pneumonia. Did you ever punch a hole in the wall, or break a goddam window when your six year old brother died? Or have you ever scrubbed the goddam wall at your sister's campus because you woudnt like them children seeing F*ck you written all over the goddam place? Holden Morrissey Caulfield did. Have you?

Was Holden a goddam homophobic? Yes he f*cking was. For reasons, he had had to endure every goddam pre-adulthood schooling moments with "flitty pass" A kid like him won't have enough activism to equate social passes or whatever. A freak of nature, what's a 16 year old boy doing inside a 6 feet body and greyish hair?

Did he act like a complete moron when he got stinky drunk, like dunking his whole head into a sink full of chunky ice and stayed the whole goddam hours in front of a radiator? Did he ever try to call someone by the name Jane Gallagher by any chance?

Did he hate girls who talk gibberish too loudly, or girls with lousy legs...or girls whod be bitches eventually? Or he hated boys who wore lastex swimwear, or secretly took pity of poor students who had cheap suitcases?

Was his angst too early for 1950s? There wasnt Vietnam yet. No goddam nuclear wars. Nor Nike sweatshop scandals.
Do  I still love Holden and wont do things that he won't approve?
Yes! Because I am Holden Caulfield, yah morons!

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Reason enuf why his not in this year's People Magazine's stupid list Katherine Heigl is eye-poppin'
Jennifer Garner is amazed
Mel Gibson, your fake Aussie is all tongue-out
Our dear Reese just couldn't make up her mind which yet another sweater to buy

And Jessica is just plain nuts all over the place

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For Some Sentimental Reasons

San Miguel, Manila
Paco, Manila Legarda, Manila
For some sentimental reasons, I miss these places in Manila. The crazy walks. The lazy Sunday morning. The grand carinderias. The strange but rather nice people. And of course, some work friends in the past - you'd stop and think for a did they get to be so nice to you when you're face would paint trouble all the time

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Let IVAN find his peace with JUSTICE

While it's not yet 'justice served' for the family of Ivan De Guzman, what has been known so far is the fact that his killer is still at large. Almost seven months have passed since Ivan's body was found charred by fire, beaten and stabbed - we still don't know yet if he was murdered for hate-related motives.
I hope that in time, no faces like of Ivan's will figure in any form of murder for mere reason of hate and intolerance.

Let's all help to locate the whereabouts of one FRANCIS MORRONDOZ y FILIO whose last known address is 11 Athena Saint Michael Subd. Lias, Marilao,Bulacan

postscript: this is my fifth attempt to post this article but for some reasons not known to blog's layout seems to change in blue

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What Street Food Do You Go Crazy About?

Mobile Beef Noodles?
Mayukmok (or native potato crushed and ground with coconut milk and margarine)? Giant Quek Quek (or chicken eggs deep fried with cornstarch and egg filling)?
Or Green Mango with bagoong (dipped or spread with ground minute shrimps)?

When Motherhood Becomes A Huge Responsibility

Would you believe that this is our dear Kate Hudson? Bumpy and ugly and she's not liking her photo being taken at this period of pre-maternal insecurities. But she will always be loveable come what may Our favorite Rainbow family. Mr and Mrs Pitt (pregnant with Baby Pitt Number 2[x2])
The twin-bearing Crest Icon of the Millenium could not smile at this point

Exploring Caramoan (ooohhhh!!! Aaaah!!!!)

The not so explored beauty and splendor that is Caramoan
Caramoan Islands are in Camarines Sur, Philippines
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Call Center Days of Yore

Batch 22 " Children Of All Ages" according to Trainer Deng/ Teleperformance Manila February 2005 Batch Number Forgotten February 2007/ Sykes Asia Makati City
What I love about being in these two groups of call center wannabes - the fun of being together. The No Holds barred conversations about life, love, and the job that awaits us then.
I miss these guys. I still love them all.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chagos Folks: "A Paradise Once Ours'

Simple story: there was no story to begin with. The Chagos Archipelagos in the Indian Ocean was mythically erased as a chartered territory. Depopulated by the intention to strategically base the American/British military zones. Yes, this is where the jets are. This is where their fighting planes and submarines are loaded. An old Mauritian folk in the old Diego Garcia Between 1968 and 1973, the entire population of this small group of islands in the Indian ocean were systematically removed from their homes and exiled, by a government who deliberately ‘maintained the fiction’ to the rest of the world that they didn’t exist, and therefore had no rights ( The Chagossians have all the right to return to their original homes. The Chagos People's Homeland Campaign is continuously heading to the battle to repossess the islands. Including the Mauritians in Diego Garcia. Although, we thank DG for consistently hiring Filipino and Singaporean professionals to work in the atoll - we all have to decide objectively to whom the islands rightfully belong. British/American soldiers escorting an exiled Chagossian