Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Street Food Do You Go Crazy About?

Mobile Beef Noodles?
Mayukmok (or native potato crushed and ground with coconut milk and margarine)? Giant Quek Quek (or chicken eggs deep fried with cornstarch and egg filling)?
Or Green Mango with bagoong (dipped or spread with ground minute shrimps)?


  1. in Biwas, Tanza CAvite (my hometown) there's a gotohan selling at the street corner. I really love their lugaw and tokwa. their foods arent that cheap but the price is worth it. comfort food ko talaga

    i dont eat isaw but i love pork barbecue.

    as for balut- i dont eat that in the street so i dont consider it street food.

    i miss eating kikiam and fishballs but havent eaten for 10 years na, since i got indoctrinated that it was dirty daw

  2. love them all..thanks for coming.

  3. love them all. thnaks for coming. balik po kayo