Friday, May 8, 2009

The City Goes To Bed...

From Laramie to a small spot in Manggahan
by Archie del Mundo
The city has just woken from an eternal nightmare
and I am trying to sleep from my own scary blaze
I can't close my eyes
the demons are dancing on the beat of my fears
They are attacking my spirit
They have just emptied my veins
They have just destroyed my sanity
And I am all alone again without a friend
I am full of blood and tears
My eyes can't be closed because they are beaten to the blues
I've just gone home from a fist of hate
A liquid of disgust, and broken bottle of intolerance
It's not only my possessions that were taken away
but my moments of pride and self-identification
I've been a victim of intolerance
I've been terrorized by countless rejections
but not until last night's horrors of hate
I am disappearing each block
I am wavering to every step back home
I've been infected of wrong desires
Now I have to stand up and pick up my dirty clothes
shoot them in to the bin
I am washing my face, practicing to make it look tough
readying my gears to fight back
collecting my thoughts and saving my strength
to rather spread compassion and understanding
and vow to the highest note...
hate is going to end and love will prevail
and acceptance
and freedom
and equality

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