Wednesday, May 6, 2009


What's with a sixteen year old boy who almost had a life of breeze with parents and relatives who were practically throwing money at his feet, owned very expensive suitcases and rollerskates, a houndstooth sweater for goddam poop - and why do we love him so much that it almost caused us our own self-identification? What's with this Holden kid?

HOLDEN had had a dysfunctional family ever since Allie died. And he wouldnt want Phoebe's innocence to be rotten like his. He so hated how people gravitate around the material greed and tend to forget the basic desires: happiness and a goddam huge vocabulary.
I say, do you love your sister or your brother that much as much as Holden did? Can you stand in the rain just looking at your goddam sister circling around that goddam carousel? Holden did, and he didnt goddam bother catching pneumonia. Did you ever punch a hole in the wall, or break a goddam window when your six year old brother died? Or have you ever scrubbed the goddam wall at your sister's campus because you woudnt like them children seeing F*ck you written all over the goddam place? Holden Morrissey Caulfield did. Have you?

Was Holden a goddam homophobic? Yes he f*cking was. For reasons, he had had to endure every goddam pre-adulthood schooling moments with "flitty pass" A kid like him won't have enough activism to equate social passes or whatever. A freak of nature, what's a 16 year old boy doing inside a 6 feet body and greyish hair?

Did he act like a complete moron when he got stinky drunk, like dunking his whole head into a sink full of chunky ice and stayed the whole goddam hours in front of a radiator? Did he ever try to call someone by the name Jane Gallagher by any chance?

Did he hate girls who talk gibberish too loudly, or girls with lousy legs...or girls whod be bitches eventually? Or he hated boys who wore lastex swimwear, or secretly took pity of poor students who had cheap suitcases?

Was his angst too early for 1950s? There wasnt Vietnam yet. No goddam nuclear wars. Nor Nike sweatshop scandals.
Do  I still love Holden and wont do things that he won't approve?
Yes! Because I am Holden Caulfield, yah morons!


  1. I really enjoyed...I love Holden Caulfield and I`m always searching for him...It`s strange...It is sometimes hopeless...sometimes gloomy...but always lovely...

  2. I feel you Negar! the road is endless,,,those bences at the park...those in the alleys and train terminals - we will always see Holden in the face of the will never stop ...for as long as we believe

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